Currently, I am a phD. student in the School of Software at Tsinghua University, and I am doing security research in Software System Security Assurance Group, supervised by Prof. Yu Jiang.

My research interests are focused on system security, with an emphasis on Linux kernel and embedded OS fuzz testing.


  • Tardis: coverage-guided embedded operating system fuzzing (TCAD 22’) pdf
  • KSG: Augmenting Kernel Fuzzing with System Call Specification Generation (ATC 22’) pdf
  • Industry practice of configuration auto-tuning for cloud applications and services (FSE 22’) pdf
  • Rtkaller: State-aware Task Generation for RTOS Fuzzing (EMSOFT 21’) pdf
  • Healer: relation learning guided kernel fuzzing (SOSP 21’) pdf
  • ICS Protocol Fuzzing: Coverage Guided Packet Crack and Generation (DAC 20’) pdf


  • First Class Scholarship at Tsinghua University (2022)
  • Second Class Scholarship at Tsinghua University (2021)
  • National Scholarship (2018)


  • ISSRE 21’ External Reviewers


  • Rtkaller: Rtkaller is an unsupervised coverage-guided kernel fuzzer for RTOS fuzzing. site
  • XenSanitizer: LLVM plugin toolset for Xen fuzzing. site